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Over the past three months, Megan has coached me during a challenging time at work and job transition. Megan is perceptive, dedicated to her work, and genuinely kind.  My experience working with Megan has been exceedingly empowering for me. She believed in me at a time when I needed it the most and saw strengths in me that I did not see myself. While working with Megan, she inspired and encouraged me. She thought of brilliant and practical ways for me to overcome my fears then held me accountable to following through on them. During this time, I left behind a part of my life that was not helping me to feel fulfilled and started a new chapter, which more accurately aligns with what I want and value in life. I can say with conviction, I am a better version of myself because of working with Megan.  — Margie Powers, Minneapolis MN

I’ve worked with Megan in both a group and 1:1 setting and she never disappoints. Megan is one of those special people you may have met before. The kind that you meet serendipitously at an airport, who leaves a lasting impression on your life after only a brief conversation. When I first started working with Megan I struggled with endless self sabotage. Megan effortlessly coached me to evaluate my self-proclaimed limits, and she challenged me to liberate myself from any that held be back from reaching my fullest potential. Why I can’t recommend Megan enough is due to her genuine compassion and constant thirst for knowledge. Every session is full of new and thoughtful insights that prompted me to make tough decisions and make massive changes. One career change and a move to California with my love later and I can tell you as a very happy client that Megan is worth every penny. -Rachel Krampe, Berkely CA

I just got back after another coaching session with Meg and I feel energized, excited, and supported! I can honestly say that hiring Meg as a coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started my own business this year and Meg has helped me confront fears and beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming my best self. She challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and consistently shows that she believes in my ability to succeed. I would highly recommend that anyone who feels like they aren’t living their best life but could be, work with Meg– she is incredible! -Kati Medler, Minneapolis MN

In the short time I’ve worked with Meg, I instantly felt a sense of calm wash over me. Her spirit is so kind yet fierce in her passion for guiding others, and, over and over, in her presence. In working with Meg, I’ve found inner peace and clarity in my life. Her intuition is keen, and her questions and connection has proven to be spot on, urging me to stick with any resistance that comes up and flow through what I’m feeling and where I’m feeling it in my body. It’s not often I resonate with souls on such a deep level, but Meg carries an air of support, courage, and strength evident in her empathic approach. She’s a breath of fresh air, especially when you’ve forgotten what life can feel like, within. She’s quite flexible with scheduling, raw, and easily approachable, and I highly recommend her for anyone struggling with self-love, growth, and the belief that you can be and do whatever calls to you. Even when the coaching ends, she holds space for you, and delights in updates and breakthroughs. The most beautiful lesson I’ve learned is that even though the coaching has ended, her lessons, empowerment, and teachings remain, and show up in the most beautiful ways imaginable. I honor you. With love and light, thank you, Megs. -Joy Bayne, Arden NC

During your first call with Meg, you would expect you’re talking to someone who has been coaching forever! I loved how warm and sincere she was from the very first minute of the call. I instantly felt a genuine connection to Meg and a desire to work towards my goals together. I’ve only been working with Meg for a few months, but I can’t wait to see all that she can help me achieve. If you’re on the fence about hiring a life coach, talk with Meg! You won’t regret it.

-Martha Pietruszewski, Minneapolis MN