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Group Coaching


The six-week program to to tap in, tune in, and be TURNED ON in your business to magnify & monetize your results.

Your business GETS TO BE an absolute ball of pleasure…

I know you are ready to let go of the inner people pleaser dictating how you show up in your business.

I know you are ready to feel comfortable as fuck sharing what you do with the world

I know you are ready to infuse your marketing content (i.e Facebook LIVES, social media, etc.) with your raw essence.

Leveraging your soul gifts to attract soulmate clients with ease 

& call in what you desire with ease, flow, and pleasure

It’s time to tap in, tune in, and feel turned on in your business again.

It’s time to UNLEASH what’s within you….clawing and gnawing to come out.

So, if you are a coach, healer, blogger, or online business babe..

↠ Struggling with putting yourself out there on social media

↠ Avoiding or procrastinating doing the things that you know will bring you success because you’re afraid of what other people may think

↠ Confusing yourself on what structures, strategies, and tactics to implement

↠ Not charging your worth

I have the solution for you.


>> RELEASE the conscious and unconscious people pleasing programming that is keeping you small, and playing it safe in your business.

Opening a space in this world for you to come as you are to practice embodying the unleashed version of yourself, with a group of women doing the same.

>>UNCOVER the deep and radiant power you hold as a woman, a spiritual & sensual being, and creator of your own reality.

>>ATTUNE your business and product suite to be an exact reflection of your soul gifts and purpose in this world.

Intuitive and transformative coaching will be used to connect you to your intuition, deepen your understanding of your soul gifts, and strategical coaching to implement into your business.

No more hiding from what you were put on this earth to do.

No more feeling uncomfortable or wobbly in the expert you are.

No more undervaluing your services.

>>ATTRACT your soulmate clients with EASE by simply speaking your truth online.

You are no longer doubting your soul gifts. You understand just how valuable your work is. You are willing to show up and market yourself with ease.

You are willing to have wild amounts of fun along the way. 

 >>INTEGRATE your new essence & awakened energy into your business.

Go LIVE on Facebook with ease and enjoyment.

Enroll new clients with pleasure and consistency.

Market yourself in an unfiltered way that disrupts the feed, and wakes your soulmate clients up so they like…can’t not work with you.

The next round begins 11/11 and includes:

↠ 6, 90-minute group coaching calls for breakthrough

Beyond intellectually understanding these truths, you will now have a space to infuse and integrate your power, stand in your self worth, and be held if you wobble.

*Neuro-lingustic Programming (NLP) techniques will be used*

(90-120 minutes depending on hot seats) (value $1849)  

 1, 30 minute hypnotic session to reprogram subconscious beliefs to step into your power (95% of our reality) (value $222)

Breath-work to Financial Abundance Series to master the energetics of abundance

VIP Option Includes:

↠ 2 additional, 45-minute private coaching calls

↠ Limited email support M-F to answer any burning questions you have through the program

↠ Feedback from meg on your social media posts, landing pages, offerings, website, etc. 


Standard Pricing at $497

VIP access with weekly 1:1 coaching is $1,197*

*10 women. 6 weeks. And a Lifetime of sisterhood and Activation.*


**ONLY 3 VIP 1:1 spots available. I cannot guarantee all VIP applicants a 1:1 coaching spots**