You are NOT Stuck

//You are NOT Stuck

You are NOT Stuck

Hi! I’m Meg

I’m a CPA turned life & business coach, helping women find purpose, passion, and financial freedom doing what they love.

I have to say this wasn’t always my story.

I spent MOST of my life living for other peoples’ expectations.

I got the good grades, the good jobs, the “good” life and I was SO unfulfilled.

I was so unfulfilled because I felt like I was in the wrong story.

I felt like I created a life that wasn’t mine, that was so removed from who I truly was and why I am here on this planet.

I knew there was more for me.

While I knew this in my gut, and in my heart, I didn’t always have the GUTS to go get it – to “unstick” myself.

I kept playing out the same life with the same story, staying small – unexposed, and safe..

It wasn’t until I DECIDED I was going to do something different, I was going to get different results than those around me, I was going to CREATE a life of passion, abundance, and bliss.

If you feel stuck right now, I want you to know that this is a choice – not a definitive truth.

It is a choice to believe there isn’t another option for you.

If you BELIEVE there is not another option for you or you BELIEVE people will judge or shame you than OF COURSE you aren’t going to be open to taking a massive shift in your life.

The beautiful thing about this my friends?

BELIEFS are not facts.

Beliefs are simply thoughts we have thought so many times they become subconscious – they become a belief.

I’ve found with myself, and with all my clients I serve, that if we are able to change our beliefs we have about ourselves, money, & success, then we are able to create MASSIVE shifts and results in our lives.

If you believed you could be a six figure earner doing what you LOVE – what would you be doing differently right now?

Would you invest in yourself and your business?

Would you do the scary thing and quit your job?

Would you try something new?

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