In July last year I left my full time job in finance to continue to grow my coaching business.

Barely making ends meet in my business when I started, I decided to get a part time job as a nanny to keep some stability in my life.

And guess what?

I was fired from my nannying job (after a whole 6 weeks). I had SO MUCH shame around this.

I’ve always been considered a “high performer” in every job I’ve had, and here I was getting fired. “HOW?! I’m an incredible employee and caregiver!?”I didn’t understand that it wasn’t about me..

I was crushed AND back to barely scrapping by.

After this shake up, I was ready to give up on my business, throw in the towel, call it quits. I felt mortified.

And then I decided…

I decided I was going to be successful. There was no other option for me. I couldn’t go back to the CPA world.

I was committed to the woman I was becoming.

I did some scary things. I invested in my business BEFORE I had the financial results I wanted.

I opened myself up to rejection EVEN MORE so that I could show up fully, and allow myself to be EXPOSED in my business (which meant some people would not like me, and some people would say no to me).

I started having discovery calls with people ALL OVER the world, signing on my dream clients because I was simply showing up as ME – unapologetically.

The point is, I now see that this getting fired from that part time job was the BIGGEST gift I’ve EVER been given.

Right before we are going to “throw in the towel” is the moment where BREAKTHROUGHS can truly happen.

In fact, if I wasn’t fired I would’ve left thousands of dollars on the table and countless women underserved in my business.

It was truly a gift from the universe.

I sit here today hitting another MASSIVE financial milestone in my business, making more than I thought was possible.

I now am investing more in my business with my own business coach than I even MADE at my nannying job, and I’m committing to a six figure year.

I will help HUNDREDS of women and I will travel the world THIS year.

These massive shifts in my business  all happened over a course of several months you guys.

I want to remind you, if you feel like giving up. DON’T.

Hold on to your vision, take some inspired action, and keep GROWING into a bigger version of yourself.

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