How Chaturanga Changed My Life

//How Chaturanga Changed My Life

How Chaturanga Changed My Life

Exhale Chaturanga!

When I hear this in a yoga class – I typically feel a wash of discouragement come over me and a cranky voice in my head say “hurry up!

I shared this in my yoga teacher training several weeks ago and the facilitator asked me. “Do you tell yourself this anywhere off the mat?

Initially, I couldn’t connect the dots, and I said “No, not that I’m aware of…

I went home that night and spent some time processing the  question a little further. “Do you tell yourself this anywhere off the mat?

Then, it clicked. I mean everything just clicked as my insight came spiraling into my mind.

I tell myself “hurry up!” in almost EVERYTHING I do in life. When I’m telling a story or talking about myself, when I’m running errands, when I’m doing some back-end things for my business, etc.” Even in that moment, I didn’t feel comfortable pausing and just being with the question so I rushed to an answer of “No, not that I’m aware of..

I’m the youngest of three, and I can recall the very first time I told myself to “hurry up” in telling a story with my family – afraid I would lose their attention or get talked over.

I recall telling myself “hurry up” when it came to finding my dream, my passion, and eventually building my business.

Isn’t that funny?

One insight like that can show us how we have been living our lives up until this point, and suddenly we can see it EVERYWHERE in every encounter, & in every experience –  that sneaky and sometimes cranky “hurry up!” seeping in.

My “hurry up!” was my blind spot. Without the question, without the space the yoga studio created for me, I wouldn’t have uncovered this on my own.

Our minds, and old thought patterns, are often tricky places to go alone.

Sometimes we cannot see the thing that is SO present in everything for us. Sometimes we need the question and the space to connect stories we wrote a long time ago.

When we become aware of these stories, our “hurry ups!” we gain the power to change them, to rewrite them, to choose again.

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