Hey you,

Yeah, I’m talking to you. I’m talking to the woman who replays every decision and interaction in her mind. The woman who is self-doubting her own abilities. The woman who is lacking confidence in her decisions and so she decides to make one – do nothing. The woman who can’t even remember how it feels to be uninhibitedly authentic.

I’m talking to you.

Shoot, I’ve been YOU.

For many, many of years. I used to not even know my truth, and then when I found it I was terrified to speak it. I was absolutely petrified of telling people I was leaving the finance industry to pursue life coaching. Flash forward to today, where I run a successful coaching business and have coached over 40 women and several men to find their voice and purpose.

I am genuinely disinterested in living a life only focusing on the fear of what others might think. I’ll tell you what I am interested in. I am interested in my abilities to create a successful 6fig coaching business, traveling the world, and teaching others how to blow the lid off their own expectations in their lives.

So, here’s what I need you to remember.

You, my dear one, have a choice.

So let me ask you, why are you building up a case against yourself?

You need to be your biggest support system. You need to be your own motivator, pushing yourself to take action, betting on yourself, and showing up fully. Otherwise, you are robbing everyone around you of your truth, and you are robbing yourself of true belonging and purpose.

Coaching Exercise

So, we all actively want more confidence right? Even the most confident person in the room would likely answer yes. Yet, we don’t all actively create it.

Confidence can be created and strengthened through series of TINY decision each day. Confidence is fed with discomfort, failure, and fortitude.

Confidence is starved through decision paralysis, over analyzing, and comfort.

All you need to do TODAY is decide how you can be a yes for yourself.

Pick one thing.

Right it down.

Breathe air into it.

Speak it.

Share it.

Then, I want you to think about the most confident person you know.

I want you to become aware of how they make decisions, how they take actions. Emulate this person for 14 days, until you’ve built up the pattern for yourself. Every single day decide to act from a place of love, excitement, generosity, curiosity, etc. over fear.

Remember, everyone needs to start somewhere. Confidence is created, and it is not something one person is born more capable of creating than another.  Confidence is created through action, through tiny decisions each day that build momentum.

Over the course of the next 14 days, find as many ways to feel uncomfortable as possible. Be open to failing or short-comings because you know it’s information, and it will be useful in order for you to show up better tomorrow.

&trust the process,


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