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BUSY IS BULLSHIT. Last month my business was growing at an overwhelming rate. I stopped focusing & celebrating ALL of my business wins (even the seemingly "small" ones) I started to feel overwhelmed, run-down, & exhausted I was constantly on my phone, always working or always thinking about work. People in my life were getting frustrated. [...]

The Lie We Tell Ourselves

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The lie we tell ourselves. Think you know what it is? I talk to so many people everyday & I've uncovered a pattern. When people share and talk about their dreams, or an ideal life, they talk as if it's the worst case scenario to go after something they love. They build up a detailed case [...]


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NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP. In July last year I left my full time job in finance to continue to grow my coaching business. Barely making ends meet in my business when I started, I decided to get a part time job as a nanny to keep some stability in my life. And guess what? I [...]

You are NOT Stuck

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Hi! I'm Meg I'm a CPA turned life & business coach, helping women find purpose, passion, and financial freedom doing what they love. I have to say this wasn't always my story. I spent MOST of my life living for other peoples' expectations. I got the good grades, the good jobs, the "good" life and I [...]


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My WHY? I genuinely believe the world is a better place when kind, and empowered women make A TON of money doing what they love. AND are unapologetic about it. They know their worth, and are comfortable receiving abundance. Money is an AMPLIFIER my friends. If we are kind, if we are empowered, we will show [...]

I did something really scary…

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I did something really scary. I took a risk, and up-leveled in my business. I shifted into business coaching and offered a new package that feels SO much more aligned with my direction. Fricking scary. Not only that, but I had to share this with the clients that have been working with me from the BEGINNING [...]

For the Coach Curious

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So you have always been #coachcurious and have never actually hired a COACH! You're tired of feeling stuck. You're tired of feeling unsure of your purpose. You're tired of feeling insecure, and making decisions based on fear. You're ready to LET GO of this version of yourself. You're ready to STEP UP to you're next level of yourself. [...]

How Chaturanga Changed My Life

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Exhale Chaturanga! When I hear this in a yoga class - I typically feel a wash of discouragement come over me and a cranky voice in my head say "hurry up!" I shared this in my yoga teacher training several weeks ago and the facilitator asked me. "Do you tell yourself this anywhere off the mat?" Initially, [...]

3 Tips to Transform Your Relationship with Self Doubt

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So, let's talk a little bit about self-doubt. I would be willing to make the argument that self-doubt is a HUMAN condition, and everyone at some point in their life, has experienced it. You know, that moment of over-analyzing, overthinking, second-guessing - blah blah blah. You see, our brains are WIRED for survival, and to avoid [...]


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Hey you, Yeah, I'm talking to you. I'm talking to the woman who replays every decision and interaction in her mind. The woman who is self-doubting her own abilities. The woman who is lacking confidence in her decisions and so she decides to make one - do nothing. The woman who can't even remember how it feels [...]

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